Shikakai – Deep & Protective Hair Cleanse

Published: 18 January 2016
By: Charmaine Davis
Category: Updates

Shikakai’s botanical name is Acacia Concinna. Shikakai is also known as Soap Pod. Shikakai powder is used extensively to cleanse hair, and is known to promote hair growth and fights dandruff. Shikakai is very much a deep cleansing herb but will not strip hair of its natural oils as it maintains the natural ph balance.

Shikakai helps to remove dirt and extra oil from hair and provides protection from any fungal infection or lice infestation.

Although Shikakai does not lather like traditional shampoos or foam like Reetha, it does do a good job of cleansing squeaky clean but without the suds.

Instructions for use:

  • Mix Shikakai powder into a paste with warm water and use as a hair cleanser in the same way as a traditional shampoo. However it will not lather.
  • Mix Shikakai, Amla, Aloe Vera, Bhringraj, Brahmi, Cassia Obovata, Neem and Tulsi with warm water into a paste and apply to hair. Plastic wrap and leave on for at least an hour or longer for an amazing conditioning hair treatment.

Note: Avoid contact with eyes as Shikakai smells a bit like hot pepper and will have the same burning effect if it does come into contact with eyes and nose. If it does, wash out with lots of cold water.

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