Indigo – Volumising Natural Hair Dye

Published: 6 November 2015
By: Charmaine Davis
Category: Updates

IndigoAlso known as True Indigo, Black Henna, Nil, Neel.

Indigo’s botanical name is Indigofero Tinctoria. Indigo, like henna, is a 100% natural plant that is safe to use on all types of hair; no PPD in sight to cause allergic reactions. The very blue (true indigo) dye that comes from it is used to dye textiles as well as hair.

In conjunction with henna, indigo can give you any colour ranging from shades of light-dark brown and black-jet black, depending on length of time allowed to stay on hair.   Henna will soften and indigo will thicken leaving hair feeling volumised. Indigo like henna is green in colour with a slightly strong smell but when applied to light or gray hair will turn hair a blue green colour. Always use henna and indigo together as a two way process if you have light/gray hair and want to achieve any shade of brown to black colouring, otherwise Indigo applied to light/gray hair will leave you with a green blue colour. Already dark hair can have indigo applied directly without henna as it will only enhance the colour making it richer.

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