Hibiscus – A Must For Healthy Hair

Published: 2 November 2015
By: Charmaine Davis
Category: Updates

Davis Finest HibiscusAlso known as China Rose, Rose Mallow, Shoe Flower, Gurhal, Java-Kusum

Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis is the botanical name for the Hibiscus flowering plant. It is another herb which has many functions but for our purpose we will deal with hair. Hibiscus is a must for healthy hair. It not only stimulates blood circulation to scalp but is an essential nutrient to hair follicles encouraging growth. Using Hibiscus powder will enhance hair colour making it more glorious and lustrous. Hibiscus is used to delay premature graying and prevent hair loss. Hibiscus promotes hair growth and thickens and strengthens hair. Hibiscus can be combined with Indigo, Aloe Vera, Bhringraj, Brahmi and Tulsi for a wonder treatment or use on its own. Whatever the combination hair will be left healthy and shiny.
If you do have light hair be aware that Hibiscus might stain as it leaves a reddish tint on hair but works wonders on dark hair.

– Mix with water to form paste and apply throughout hair. Plastic wrap and leave on for at least an hour (the longer the better). Wash out.
– Combine with other herbs in the range for a complete hair treatment as mentioned above.
– If using Hibiscus on its own you can let it rest for a couple of hours before use but can also be used instantly.

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