Rose Water Toner

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Rose Petals Water, Rose Toner, Rosa Damascena Rose Flower Water


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Rosa Damascena rose flower water is a skin toner for deep cleansing and minimising large pores

An hydrating face mist toner cleanser, rose water toner leaves skin refreshed, dewy and hydrated

Rose skincare toner is an ideal astringent toner for face without the drying effects of alcohol safe and gentle to use for daily toning on the most sensitive skin

Rose Spray face mist can be sprayed directly onto face as a refresher astringent or applied to cotton wool for use

Suitable to all skin types it is a toner for dry, sensitive, oily skin

Hydrate cleanse and tone skin with Davis Finest natural Rose Water made from organic Rosa Damascena rose petals known for its aromatic fragrance. Delicate scented rose petals are steamed in water to release beneficial antioxidants widely used in antiaging skin care regime helping to protect skin against free radicals. Rosewater restores skin’s PH balance and improve complexion. Cooling properties helps to reduce redness of the skin and acne.

1 review for Rose Water Toner

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    Tomica Jacob (verified owner)

    Excellent product
    Highly recommended fantastic toner will definitely come back

    Davis Finest

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dewy and hydrated • Daily Skincare - safe and gentle to use daily for toning the most sensitive skin


Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Rosa Damascena (Rose) Flower Water, Sodium Gluconate, Sodium Levulinate





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