Manjistha Powder

Rubia Cordifolia, Indian Madder Root


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ANTI-AGEING SKINCARE:  Manjistha contains natural astringents and antioxidants beneficial for use in antiageing skincare helping to reduce premature fine lines and wrinkles. Combine with hibiscus, rose petal, tulsi and multani mitti for a natural beauty anti-aging must have rejuvenating hydrating moisturising face mask tonic for firming mature skin

SKIN BRIGHTENER:  Manjistha powder not only boosts skin complexion leaving it smooth radiant and glowing but useful to also lighten and balance uneven and pigmented skin. Very much like liquorice root powder, Manjistha will brighten and lighten dark spots and blemishes, help to remove blackheads and whiteheads leaving a ruddy even tone skin for a complete complexion rescue particularly if you have sallow skin

BENEFICIAL FOR PROBLEM SKIN:  Rubia Cordifolia contains anthraquinone and glycosides responsible for its antibacterial properties to relieve dry skin of dryness caused by skin irritations such as eczema and psoriasis to leave skin moisturised and toned

RED HAIR DYE CONDITIONER:   Manjistha root contains a natural red stain and can be added to Henna for a red hair dye. Equal amount of manjistha and hibiscus will make a lovely natural red shine conditioner for red hair. NOTE: will add red colour to gray, white or blonde hair and with indigo, purple. Black hair may also get a visible semi-permanent red stain that washes out

SUITABLE TO ALL SKIN AND HAIR TYPES:  this is a naturally organic cruelty-free vegan product and contains no parabens compositions or preservatives. Please note above regarding use on light, white, gray or blonde hair which will stain semi-permanent red

Organically grown Manjistha Powder from Rubia Cordifolia (Madder Root), is a potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial with the power to help relieve allergies and skin related conditions. Manjistha is best known for being a blood purifier but is extremely beneficial to skin and hair.

SKIN:  A good choice to be used in any anti-ageing skincare regime as rubia cardifolia contains potent antioxidants attributable to its anthraquinone content and should be featured in all anti-aging cosmetics designed for mature skin. Manjistha is a natural astringent and complexion enhancer waiting to rejuvenate your skin. Suffering from sallow skin this would be the ideal tonic to bring skin alive.

Manjistha’s anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties helps to relieve and calm skin eruptions such as eczema and most irritable skin problems.

HAIR:  Manjistha comes from a reddish root vine known as madder root which contains a red pigment used for dyeing and can be used with henna to give red tones. Manjistha powder has a more potent red stain that hibiscus and beetroot. It will stain red and you will notice it even on black hair but this is semi-permanent.

For a red hair dye combine henna and manjistha powder, make a manjistha tea to mix powders together and leave to develop. This will give gray hair a redder colour (as opposed to orange brown) which will in turn make it slightly quicker to obtain dark brown/black hair colour when Indigo is applied after.

Suggestions for use:

Anti-ageing/Glowing Skin:  manjistha, hibiscus, rose petal, tulsi, brahmi, aloe vera, liquorice root, orange peel, multani mitti

Problem Skin:  manjistha, aloe vera, neem, brahmi, tulsi, reetha, multani mitti

Red Hair Dye:  henna and manjistha powders combined mixed with strong manjistha tea

Red Shine Conditioner: mix 50% manjistha and 50% hibiscus for conditioning especially great for red/black hair



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