Liquorice Root Powder

Licorice, Mulethi, Glycyrrhiza Glabra


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NATURAL FACE LIGHTENING: liquorice root powder is a natural vegan skin lightening alternative to arbutin powder and chemical free alternative to hydroquinone used for skin whitening and bleaching that can irritate sensitive skin. Liquorice root powder will help to reduce darkness to pigmentation with and is very effective against acne scars, dark marks, blackheads, whiteheads, age spots and discoloration

SKIN BRIGHTENING: liquorice root contains glabridin known for its skin brightening properties and will leave face brighter than before clear radiant and glowing. Liquorice root contains antioxidants widely used in cosmetics and skin care and is a natural astringent and good addition to any anti-ageing skincare regime for aging and sagging skin

EVEN SKIN TONE:  frequent application of liquorice root for face lightening will help to reduce hyperpigmentation and is very effective against dark mark, blackheads, whiteheads, age spots and discoloration to even out skin tone leaving an even balanced skin tone for complete complexion rescue

ITCHY DRY SKIN RELIEF: the liquorice root contains anti-inflammatory properties beneficial to treating eczema and psoriasis, helping to reduce itching, swelling and redness of the skin. Particularly useful for dry sensitive skin

SUITABLE TO ALL SKIN TYPES: liquorice root powder is a naturally organic vegan product containing no chemicals or preservatives. Use with multani mitti for easy application for face mask

Liquorice Root Powder or Licorice root for skin contains glycyrrhizin acid which has anti-inflammatory properties and is widely used in cosmetics for its vast range of uses and a great addition to your skincare regime.

From organic fields in India, it is a natural skin lightening alternative to the damaging chemical hydroquinone will diminish and lighten dark spots, age spots, blackheads, whiteheads and helping to reduce dark under-eye circles, blemishes, discoloration and hyperpigmentation.

Glabridin, an active contained in liquorice root is known for its skin brightening effect and frequent use of liquorice powder as a face brightening mask will even out skin tone to leave you with even complexion and radiant, glowing, beautiful skin.

Liquorice powder for skin is beneficial for treating skin infections such as psoriasis to reduce itching of the skin, swelling and redness. It is particularly useful to dry and sensitive skin but its balancing abilities also make it good to use for oily skin control treatment.

Containing essential antioxidants it is an ideal addition to any antiaging face masks for aging and sagging skin.

Suggestions for use:

Skin Lightener/Even Skintone: liquorice root powder, orange peel powder, rose petal powder, multani mitti (avoid orange peel if you have extremely sensitive dry skin).

Face Brightening/Even Complexion: liquorice root, hibiscus, manjistha, rose petal, aloe vera, multani mitti.

Anti-ageing Smooth Radiant Skin: liquorice root, hibiscus, manjistha, rose petal, orange peel, aloe vera, neem, brahmi, multani mitti.

Problem Skin/Acne: liquorice root, brahmi, manjistha, aloe vera, neem, reetha, tulsi, multani mitti.



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Combine liquorice root with multani mitti and orange peel powder for an even tone and easy application. Alternately with aloe vera, hibiscus, manjistha, mix with warm water and apply to face. Leave on for at least 50 mins, neem, reetha, rose petal and tulsi for an amazing facial mask. Combine 1/8 tsp of each powder, the longer the more effective. Skin will be left refreshed bright and smooth.


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