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Indian Gooseberry, Emblica Officinalis, Ambala, Amalaki, Amlok, Anwala



HAIR GROWTH TREATMENT:  Indian gooseberry naturally contains hair vitamins and antioxidants essential to natural hair growth and combined with reetha, shikaka, bhringraj, brahmi, aloe vera, neem and hibiscus, all of which contribute to hair growth, will help to reduce hair loss and promote natural hair growth. Amla berry powder contains natural vitamin c which helps to protect hair against premature graying, split ends and breakage

HAIR SHINE CONDITIONER:  a deep conditioner for curly frizzy hair Amla powder gives second life to dry, damaged, flyaway, dull lacklustre hair. Amla is truly a deep conditioning hair mask that leaves hair not only conditioned but soft, manageable, smooth, silky, glossy, shining and frizz free. Amla is the essential vegan hair mask for dry hair. Your beautiful hair will love its new look and feel

VOLUMISING POWDER:  a natural hair volumizing powder that gives volume to lifeless, limp, fine, thinning hair by strengthening and thickening hair creating much needed hair volume and thickness.

CURLY HAIR:  great enhancement for curly wavy hair amla puts the bounce back into lost curls and waves

MUD MASKS:  tannins, a natural astringent found in amla will remove toxins from skin and fight off infections such as acne, deep cleanse and remove excess oil from pores leaving skin tight without drying out leaving clean, clear, fresh toned complexion BUT the natural brown stain found in amla  may leave very fair and light complexions with a slight tan if left on too long so, unless you want a natural suntan please be aware. Vitamin C helps to slow down pre-mature aging and fine lines

SUITABLE TO ALL SKIN & HAIR TYPES:  pure amla powder is a naturally organic vegan product and does not contain any parabens or preservatives. PLEASE NOTE: Amla does contain natural acids so if you do have chemical colours on hair such as purple, blue, green, pink or any light coloured hair, white or blonde, please do a strand test first as the acid could react with the chemicals in colour to change hair colour. Will not affect dark hair colour.

Amla Powder or Amalaki  for hair is made from organically grown naturally sun dried Indian gooseberry grounded into fine powder (which can be infused in oil to make amla oil) is one of india’s finest rejuvenating fruit used in ayurvedic medicine for natural growth, shining healthy conditioned hair and glowing skin.

Amla berry contains Galic Acid, Eliagic Acid and Glucose and is a rich source of Vitamin C and Peptin which protects hair from premature graying and skin from premature aging.

Vitamin C deficiency can be the cause of hair loss and hair breakage and the antioxidants in Amla powder will help to prevent this as it does contain essential fatty acids which nourishes hair follicles and aid natural hair growth enabling hair to grow healthy and lengthy. Amla berry is one of the best essential hair conditioner to use as a hair mask for dry damaged limp or dull hair.

Hair Growth: amla brahmi bhringraj reetha shikakai hibiscus.

Hair Shine Conditioner: amla (solely) or add cassia obovata shikakai hibiscus.

Henna Amla: add amla to henna powder to reduce red undertones more towards light brown-copper ready for black.

Henna Indigo Amla: mix amla powder into henna indigo mixture to get a cooler brunette colour (less red).

Face Body Mask: mix amla into paste and apply to face and/or body. NOTE if left on too long may have a light brown tanning effect on light/fair skin.

2 reviews for Amla Powder

  1. Avatar of Julia Hoskinson

    Julia Hoskinson (verified owner)

    I've only tried the amla powder once and I was amazed at how soft and manageable it left my hair. I mixed with coconut oil and olive oil, left it on for about an hour then rinsed and shampooed, it's a bit messy but so worth it.

    Davis Finest

  2. Avatar of Mrs Parmar

    Mrs Parmar (verified owner)

    Amazing must product to buy
    I have curly hair and as well know it gets dry quickly. This caused hair loss and my heir looked dull. I never knew about this product before this company told me. I thought let me have a go although I was sceptical. I used it as a conditioner and honestly my hair was shiny and soft ! I use this product in my hair religiously every week and it’s absolutely amazing. My hair is thick and shiny now. What an amazing product !

    Davis Finest

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