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<b>Shikakai Powder<b/> also known as Acacia Concinna and Soap Pod is used extensively to cleanse hair. Containing essential hair growth vitamins it is known to promote hair growth and eliminates dandruff leaving healthy scalp hair.

Shikakai is very much a deep cleansing herb but will not strip hair of its natural oils as it maintains the natural ph balance. It helps to remove dirt and extra oil from hair and provides immunity from any fungal infection or lice infestation. Although Shikakai does not lather like traditional shampoos or foam like Reetha, it does do a good job of cleansing without the suds leaving hair squeaky clean with no residue.

Shikakai can also be used as a body wash which does wonders for skin prone to infections.

For a hair shine treat Shikakai can be mixed in with reetha, amla, aloe vera, hibiscus, neem and tulsi.


  • DEEP CLEANSES removes dirt and extra oil from hair but retaining natural oils and ph balance
  • LEAVES hair dandruff free conditioned soft and shining
  • PROMOTES hair growth preventing hair loss with healthy scalp
  • PROTECTS scalp and hair from fungal infection or lice infestation
  • SUITABLE to all hair types – this is a natural product and contains no parabens or preservatives

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Mix the Shikaki powder into a paste with warm water and use as a hair cleanser in the same way as a traditional shampoo. However it will not lather. Mix Shikakai, Amla, Aloe Vera, Bhringraj, Brahmi, Cassia Obovata, Neem and Tulsi with warm water into a paste, cool and apply to hair. Plastic wrap and leave on for at least 2 hours or several hours while you do your normal house chores for an amazing conditioning hair treatment. Avoid contact with eyes as Shikakai smells like hot pepper and will have the same burning effect if it comes into contact with eyes.


100% Shikakai Powder