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Multani Mitti Powder, Fullers Earth or Bentonite Clay or Indian Healing Clay, is quite simply mud on your face or in your hair. Multani Mitti is natural clay with a high mineral content which has many beneficial properties to skin and hair. It is one of the most essential and popular ingredient in facial and hair treatments because it removes toxins and impurities from skin and scalp without stripping the natural oils. It is effective against blemishes, acne, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. Will leave skin healthy, radiant and glowing. Multani Mitti will harden on face once dried and it is best to dab or splash water on face to soften clay and then wash off gently. In any event once water touches the clay it softens and washes off easily.

Suggestions: Can be combined with any of the facial herbal powders singly or all at once (a bit of each) for a facial treat: Aloe Vera, Hibiscus, Manjistha, Neem, Orange Peel, Rose Petal, Reetha and Tulsi.


  • PORE CLEANSER – unclogs and cleanse pores preventing pimples and acne
  • EXFOLIATOR – Effective against blemishes removal of blackheads and whiteheads
  • REMOVES dead cells and toxins from skin and scalp
  • REJUVENATES skin cells leaving skin radiant and best of all no need to ever use a facial mask containing preservatives – make up your own with multani mitti, rose petal, manjistha, hibiscus and other herbal powders
  • SUITABLE to all skin and hair types – a natural product containing no parabens or preservatives

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Mix with water or rose water into a paste and apply to face. You only need about 1tsp for a single face application (in other words no leftovers). Leave on for 30-40 mins (whatever you are comfortable with) as it will harden on face but washes off easily once touched with water. Dab water on face and then wash off gently.


100% Multani Mitti Powder


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