Manjistha Powder (Rubia Cordifolia)


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Manjishtha is another herbal plant wonder and has many benefits for both skin and hair. I love using this herbal powder, it has the smell of coffee infused with chillies. It is commonly used and beneficial for treating skin affected by eczema and uneven skin tone. Like Liquorice, Manjistha is used to brighten skin complexion leaving skin with an even toned complexion by helping to lighten dark spots and blemishes. Manjistha contains among others anthraquinone and glycosides which gives it its antibacterial properties. The astringents contained in Manjistha make it a must for anti-aging skincare cosmetics.

Manjistha comes from a reddish root vine which contains a red pigment used for dyeing and can be used with henna to give a different shade of red/burgundy tones as Manjistha has that natural burgundy red undertone. When Manjistha is combined with Henna and Hibiscus your henna will give your greys a darker red colour (as opposed to orange) which will in turn make it slightly quicker to obtain brown or black hair colour when Indigo is applied after.


    • ANTI-AGING – natural astringents ideal for use in anti-aging cosmetics – good for mature skin
    • NATURAL SKIN BRIGHTENER not only boosts skin complexion leaving it smooth radiant and glowing but useful to sort out uneven skin tone giving balance
    • BENEFICIAL for skin affected by eczema – will relieve dryness and leave skin moisturised
    • HAIR – use with Henna and or Hibiscus to get different shades of red/burgundy hair colour (NOTE – will turn grey or white hair a burgundy red)
    • SUITABLE to all skin and hair types but note above for hair colour – a natural product contains no parabens compositions or preservatives

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