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Davis Finest Premium Henna Leaf Power is 100% pure and free from any chemical, PPD, metals and ammonia. Henna is a natural plant hair dye used for colouring hair with absolutely no synthetic chemicals to cause allergic reactions. It is pure and safe and suitable to use on all types of hair. Henna is anti-fungal with great antiseptic properties and, as well as being therapeutic, will leave scalp clean and dandruff free with frequent use leaving hair healthy and shining. Henna is naturally olive green in colour. One important point to remember; there is no such thing as black or brown henna (certainly not without chemicals)! It is a two way process in conjunction with Indigo and other herbal powders to achieve various colour shades from light brown to jet black. Be aware that coloured henna sold in shops as natural henna contains chemicals which we are avoiding by using pure henna which is a permanent hair colour! Although allergies are rare with henna please patch test before use as everyone is so different. Our henna is body art quality (BAQ) which means that it has been grounded and sifted finely making it so much easier to wash out of hair. Henna will condition your scalp and hair leaving the most amazing gloss and shine. Henna combined with aloe vera, amla, brahmi, bhringraj, hibiscus, reetha, shikakai and tulsi will give hair a nourishing treatment especially if hair falling out or prone to split ends. This treatment will make hair healthy and strong. People will ask “How does your hair look so healthy and shine!”


    • NO synthetic chemicals or p-paraphenylenediamine (PPD) or metals – leaves scalp clean and dandruff free with frequent use
    • HAIR DYE – colours and conditions hair leaving hair shining – will colour gray or light hair orange red (which colour will become redder over time if dyed time and time again solely with henna)
    • NATURALLY olive green in colour no such thing as natural brown or black henna in a packet
    • NO WASTAGE remaining leftovers can be frozen for another day – a natural product contains no parabens or preservatives
    • SUITABLE FOR ALL HAIR TYPES including Asian European African Caribbean (including dreadlocks)
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