Amla Powder – Indian Gooseberry – 100% Pure & Naturally Organic

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Amla Powder from Indian Gooseberry also known as Emblica Officinalis is 100% pure natural fruit powder. Amla is one of the best natural conditioner for dry, dull, limp, damaged hair. Amla will give hair a glorious shine and is used in conjunction with Bhringraj, Brahmi and Shikakai for hair growth treatment.

Amla contains Galic Acid, Eliagic Acid and Glucose and is a rich source of Vitamin C and Peptin which protects hair from premature graying enabling hair to grow lengthy and healthy. Vitamin C deficiency can be the cause of hair loss and hair breakage and the antioxidants in Amla will help to prevent this as Amla does contain essential fatty acids which aids hair growth. Amla is one of the best essential hair conditioner if not the best and can be combined with any of the Davis Finest herbal powders for a nourishing hair treatment or it can be used solely as a conditioner.

Amla powder can also be used for a facial or body mask.


    • BRILLIANT HAIR CONDITIONER leaves hair silky soft and glossy – gives life and shine to dull dry hair
    • HAIR GROWTH for hair loss or growth use in conjunction with Bhringraj, Brahmi and Shikakai for best results
    • NATURAL VITAMIN C protects hair against premature graying and breakage
    • ENHANCES curls and waves – volumises hair
    • SUITABLE for all hair and skin types – a natural product – contains no parabens or preservatives

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    Face: Mix into a paste with water, rose water or aloe vera juice and apply to face. Leave on for 45-50 mins. For best results combine with multani mitti, neem and rose petal powder or orange peel powder. Hair: Combine Aloe Vera with Cassia Obovata, Neem, Shikakai and Tulsi or any of the hair care range. Mix into a paste (like custard) with water and apply to hair. Plastic wrap and leave on for at least an hour.


    100% Amla Powder



  • I have always had very dry hair and use an unbelievable amount of conditioner on my hair (which always still looks dry). I have wanted to try natural products for a while so when I heard about Amla, I was really excited to try it. The application is very easy, you just mix the powder to water and apply all over dry hair. I left mine on for around 3 hours – as soon as I rinsed it out I could immediately feel that my hair was softer. After drying, it was shiny and really smooth, not just myself but other people have noticed the difference. I will definitely be using Amla as a regular product and thanks to Charmaine for her helpful insight and knowledge on her product! :-)