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Henna Powder Natural Hair Dye - PPD, Ammonia & Chemical Free Hair Color, Body Art Quality 100g|200g



PPD FREE HAIR DYE: pure natural baq henna powder hair dye contains no chemicals and is free from PPD (p-paraphenylenediamine), metallic salts and ammonia found in synthetic hair dyes. Henna hair dye is a natural permanent hair dye alternative for those allergic to chemical dyes and need to use natural hair dye. No preservatives and paraben free

BODY ART QUALITY HENNA: our quality body art mehandi henna powder is triple sifted into a very fine powder which mixes into a very light and easy henna paste used in body art. Henna also works as an anti dandruff treatment and frequent use will leave scalp, roots and hair healthy clean and dandruff free promoting natural hair growth and thick hair

NATURAL HAIR SHINE CONDITIONER: pure mehandi henna leaves powder is a natural hair colouring and scalp conditioner treatment that will colour as well as condition leaving hair soft and relaxed. Henna powder is also a natural hair brightener that will leave your hair shining silky and glossy. Henna and indigo powders combined can create experimental shades of browns and black only. On grey hair you can achieve light, medium, dark brown to black/jet black hair colouring

NO WASTAGE: because henna leaf powder is a natural product from the henna plant, remaining henna can be frozen to be used another day and there is never a need for wastage

SUITABLE FOR ALL HAIR TYPES & BEARDS: Asian European African Caribbean (including dreadlocks) - detailed instructions inside. Henna is a naturally organic product free from pesticides, chemicals and synthetics. NOTE henna will colour grey, white or light hair an orange copper red colour but will only enhance and condition the colour of black hair

Davis Finest Henna Powder is organically grown and processed in organic fields in Sojat City, Rajasthan. Also known as Mehndi or Mehandi, our henna leaf powder is a 100 per cent pure natural herbal powder vegan hair dye as it is a plant based natural dye from the henna plant and suitable for use by vegans and vegetarians.

Pure henna powder is ppd, ammonia and chemical free and a must for people with ppd allergy or wanting a change from synthetic and harsh chemical hair dyes. Henna is not just a hair dye, frequent use will nourish even sensitive scalp, leaving dandruff free scalp and conditioned hair promoting healthy hair growth and hair shine.

Our body art quality henna has been grounded finely and triple sifted into fine powder used in creative henna body art work so it makes a very smooth liquid henna paste that is easy to wash out of hair.


Henna powder can be combined with indigo powder to create permanent hair dye colours of browns and black from light brown, ash brown, dark brown, medium brown and black to jet black natural hair colouring. It is not like the commercial henna herbal hair dyes that may contain ppd in order to give an instant colour. Our henna will not bleach hair but rather add colour to existing hair colour and can work with other powders to give a natural herbal hair colour.

Natural henna hair dye is safe to use for men to colour beards, moustache and even sideburns with no harsh chemicals to sting or burn.

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    Excellent quality henna
    After vigourous research I came across this Henna. There are many Different types of Henna however after reading many customer reviews on Amazon Davis Finest Henna came top. The quality is absolutely superb and I would not use any other product. My hair has stopped falling completely after using Davis Finest products. Amazing customer service and amazing products. The quality is absolutely superb and I would not use any other product. After using their henna I use indigo which colours my hair. My hair has stopped falling completely after using their products. Many friends / colleagues have commented me on my hair and it’s this company I thank them for. Amazing customer service and amazing products.

    Davis Finest

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Weight0.14 kg
Dimensions140 × 200 × 10 cm

For best results mix overnight with lemon juice and water combination (or any acidic liquid), tea or coffee in a non-metallic bowl and leave to rest overnight for dye release - Detailed Instructions Inside Pack in English German French Italian Spanish Chinese Japanese


100% Lawsonia Inermis


100g, 200g


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