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Indigofera Tinctoria, Nil, Neel, True Blue



PPD FREE HAIR DYE: containing no ammonia or metallic salts. An ideal alternative for those allergic to PPD or harsh chemicals found in synthetic hair and beard dyes.  Indigo is plant-based and therefore a suitable vegan hair dye for vegans and vegetarians

COLOUR HAIR OR BEARD: light, medium or dark brown and black to jet black hair colour with henna, otherwise indigo applied to gray or white hair will give a blue-green colour. Henna must be used with indigo in the correct proportions and methods to achieve any shade of brown or black hair dye.  Brown hair can be a one-step process of mixing both indigo and henna together whilst black hair requires putting henna on first, washing out and applying indigo second

HAIR VOLUME: indigo is a natural volumizing hair powder whilst henna relaxes hair pure indigo thickens

BLACK HAIR DYE ENHANCER: will enhance the colour of existing black hair only for a true blue black colour with frequent use

SUITABILITY: a naturally organic Indian hair dye free from parabens and preservatives and suitable to all hair types, Asian European African Caribbean (including dreadlocks) - detailed instructions inside pack. NOTE, never use indigo solely on gray or white hair unless you want to have blue-green hair colour

Davis Finest Indigo Powder is organically grown in organic fields in Sojat Rajasthan. Our indigo leaf powder is 100 per cent pure herbal powder from Indigofera Tinctoria. Like henna, indigo is a pure plant based vegan hair dye natural and safe to use on all types of hair. We are not certified by Soil Association as our preparing, processing, packing and labelling are all done in the heart of Henna City, India. We don’t just slap a label on the packaging in the UK or US and say made in the UK or US we come directly from the farmers in India. We are working with Soil Association and hope they will find a resolution to the problem so in the meantime we say 100% pure natural indigo powder instead of pure organic indigo powder until we can be certified by Soil Association. Our customers are important to us so we think they should know this.

Indigo is a natural true blue dye which is used to dye fabrics, textiles, clothes, blue jeans as well as hair colouring and can also be used as a beard dye for men in the same way as henna to get various shades of brown.

Our indigo dye powder has been grounded finely to make a smooth liquid paste that is easy to wash out of hair and naturally colours grey or white hair a blue-green colour, so the natural process is to always combine with pure henna powder in proportions outlined in the chart below, to create natural hair dye colours such as light brown, dark brown, medium brown. It is not like the commercial black henna that gives an instant black colour.

For brown Hair:

30% indigo 70% henna (leave on hair approx. 20 mins) = Light Brown

50% indigo 50% henna (equal amounts) = Medium Brown

70% indigo 30% henna (leave on hair approx. 40-50 mins) = Dark Brown

There are two methods for mixing indigo and henna for brown hair dye and there are no hard or fast rules as you can do different methods. You can combine the powders together (using proportions mentioned) mix and put on or you can leave to develop for a while (time permitting) and then apply to hair or mix henna overnight for dye release and then add indigo to henna mix when ready.  See both methods below:

Method 1
Mix henna as per instructions, cover and leave overnight to obtain dye release and when you are ready to dye hair, mix indigo and add the two mixtures together in line with above proportions for brown hair colour. This may give a longer lasting colour as the dye in henna was released, however both methods work.

Method 2
Combine both indigo and henna powders in a bowl (using proportions) but mix with black tea as lemon juice and apple cider vinegar will weaken indigo. Apply to hair immediately or you can leave to develop for a little while (time permitting for an hour or more) and then apply to hair in sections.

For black hair:

Indigo powder has to be used with henna powder in a two-step process of putting henna on first to get an orange-brown hair colour (from gray hair) and indigo second which is blue over orange creating black or jet black hair colour depending on length of time left on hair, 1 hour for black, 1.5 to 2 hours for jet black hair colour.

Amla Powder can be added to indigo to give a conditioned less brittle finish and to bring out the colour but do not overpower indigo with amla as it can lose its dyeing capabilities. Always make sure indigo powder amount is greater i.e. 3-5 tbsp amla to 100g indigo.

Indigo is a ppd-free and chemical free hair dye and a must for people with ppd allergy or wanting a change from synthetic and harsh chemical hair dyes.

As well as colouring hair indigo powder will add volume. Henna relaxes and soften while indigo thickens and volumise hair.

Using Indigo Powder
There is no need for dye release and Indigo should be used as soon as it made up as it does not keep its dyeing powers although it can be left to stand a little but no longer than 15 mins – you will see it starting to oxidize with a blue black film on top and its ready for use.

Unlike Henna Indigo powder cannot be frozen so any remainder should be thrown away but better still, use it all up in your hair by applying thickly or just mix what is needed, you can always mix some more quickly if needs be.

How to Mix Indigo
Indigo powder should be mixed to a smooth soft peak consistency otherwise it can be clumpy like cement mix but not runny. See picture opposite.*  Always condition hair after using Indigo as it can leave hair feeling dry and brittle if mixed too thick like cement, especially so if not using amla powder in the mix.

How much for length of hair?
See approximate quantity for hair and lengths. The below is dependent on thickness and length of hair and you may need more or less.

Approx: Short hair - 100g | Neck - 200g | Shoulder - 300g | Waist - 500g

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    Preti (verified owner)

    Brilliant - excellent quality
    Fantastic Customer Service. I never knew about Indigo to have spoken to Davis Finest. This has made a dramatic difference to my hair. Their high quality Henna is one of the best I’ve ever used, after which you would use Indigo. My hair has stopped falling completely and I have recommended this to my sister and my mum and they have seen a dramatic difference to the hair as well. Amazing product where you would no longer need to use any chemical hair dye on your hair.

    Davis Finest

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